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Data Protection, Facebook whatsapp data sharing, Privacy violations, WhatsAapp

Why Whatsapp is desperate to update its privacy policy

Despite facing severe criticism for its planned update on privacy policy, WhatsApp has stuck to its guns and has decided to plough ahead with its policy updates.


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Data Protection, Data Privacy, Pegasus scandal, Dataprotectionbill

Will Personal Data Protection Bill allay privacy concerns?

The nation needs to scrutinise and debate this law fully and should not push it through with no debate as has been the norm of late.


 |  6-minute read
Data Protection, Privacy, Cambridge Analytica, Facebook

How much does Facebook know about you?

More than you have possibly forgotten in the last half a decade.


 |  3-minute read
Aadhaar, Right to Privacy, Data democracy, Data Protection

How to ‘own your own data’ in the times of Aadhaar and privacy issues

What constitutes a practical model in the Indian context?


 |  1.2 minutes watch-minute read
Data Protection, Aadhaar, Supreme Court

Why Supreme Court's verdict on privacy will resonate far beyond Aadhaar

We need to watch if data protection is brought under the domain of privacy or not.