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Man-made disaster, Disaster management, Building collapse, Greater Noida

How collusion between authorities and builders are leading to deadly building collapses

Delhi-NCR doesn't seem to have learnt any lessons. Nor does it seem to be in the mood to learn.


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Disaster management, Met department, Thunderstorm, Dust storm

The lull before and after the dust storm, lightning deaths

When an actual calamity struck and killed more than 60 people, India looked more concerned over predictions about Karnataka election.


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Tsunami, NDMA, Disaster management, Cyclone Ockhi

Cyclone Ockhi has exposed the inefficiency of India's disaster management

The government displays a passive hostility towards environment protection.


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Natural Disasters, Sustainable development, Uttarakhand floods 2013, Disaster management

In India, disaster preparedness still has a long way to go

Keeping environment risks in mind, involving locals in decision-making is the key to sustainable development in vulnerable areas.


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Narendra Modi, Shinzo Abe, India-Japan Ties, Disaster management

How Modi-Abe bonhomie is giving a boost to India-Japan ties

At the local level too it has served to unite the two communities together.


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NDMA, Climate change, Disaster management

India on tipping point, its disaster management is a disaster

The subcontinent needs to remember how natural calamity derails the wheels of economic progress.


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Manipur, Disaster management, Earthquake, Northeast Quake

Northeast earthquake: 5 concerns India can't ignore

The Manipur tremors are a wake-up call not just for other hilly states in the same seismic zone but also for rest of the country.


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Disaster management, Jayalalithaa, Chennai Floods

Just how 'natural' are the floods in Chennai?

As the state paddles hard against the rising waters, the government's apathy is shocking.


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Disaster management, Chennai Floods, Chennai Rains

10 aerial shots capture devastation of Chennai floods

The situation remains grim even as the PM has announced assistance.

Disaster management, Chennai Floods, Chennai Rains

Are Chennai floods more man-made than a natural disaster?

Heavy flooding in the city; more rain expected.