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Disney, Mufasa, Simba, The lion king

Simba returns with a gazillion views. What pulls us towards The Lion King still

'The Lion King' teaser trailer records 238 million views in 24 hours. The highest for any Disney movie


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Social Media, Entertainment, Hollywood, Disney

Gunn Fired: James Gunn stands fired from Disney for 10-year-old tweets. What this reveals about Hollywood and social media

Is Disney treading too cautiously?


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Disney, Equality, Women CEOs, Women in 50s

Can women in their 50s be successful at work?

There is a sky beyond the glass ceiling. More women should go for it.


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Disney, Star Wars, The Last Jedi

Stop tearing The Last Jedi to shreds. It's just a different Star Wars movie

The Force is not a power. So, beat it.


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Hollywood, Films, Disney, The Jungle Book

Why you absolutely must watch The Jungle Book

The Disney film makes a strong case for an Oscar next year.

Disney, Game of Thrones

If 'Game of Thrones' was by Walt Disney. It would be like this

Brazilian artists Fernando Mendonca and Anderson Mahanski recreate inspired characters.


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Disney, The Force Awakens, Star Wars 7

New Star Wars teaser: Seven things you did not notice

You might have missed it. We didn't. Are you excited about Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens?