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Air Pollution, Diwali, Firecrackers ban, Firecrackers

Reduction in bursting of firecrackers is proof education can cure many ills

Many schools have, over the years, tried to persuade children to avoid crackers.


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GDP, Diwali, Indian Economy, Economic downturn

Why this is a not so Happy Diwali

India Today Group Editor-in-Chief talks about why the economic gloom refuses to go away this festive season, in the October 28 edition of India Today magazine.


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Firecrackers, Delhi, Air Pollution, Diwali

No, firecrackers alone are not to blame for Delhi’s poisonous air. But we need to eliminate every pollutant we can

Firecracker-manufacturing in India is a little-regulated industry, and there is no saying what chemicals are used in them.


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Cracker ban, Green crackers, Air Pollution, Diwali

Five honest and updated WhatsApp wishes for next Diwali

Good health and prosperity are great. But we want more.


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Pm 2.5, Supreme Court, Cracker ban, Delhi air pollution

Want to continue living in Delhi? Then stop breathing!

Why, post-Diwali, Dante's seven circles of hell are in Delhi?


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Diet, Weight Loss, Festival season, Diwali

Worried about Diwali weight gain? Here are 5 exercises to sort you out before Christmas

Time is short. But your goals need not be.


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Diwali, Sweets, Kaju katli, Diwali sweets

Why there can't be any battle between kaju katli and other sweets

Logically speaking, what’s even there in soan papdis? A sweet like sawdust in layers is no sweet at all.


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Religion, India, Festival of lights, Diwali

Diwali shines a light on the different colours that make India one

There are more similarities than differences that Indians of different religions share.


 |  6-minute read
Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan

Diwali lights, and some dark, across South Asia

Outside India, Diwali is celebrated with joy in Nepal and Bhutan. But in Pakistan and Bangladesh, ironically once part of India itself, the glow of Diwali is much dimmer.


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Festivities, Food, Mumbai, Diwali

Once upon a time on Diwali: How I discovered Mumbai and myself

A Punjabi family from Mumbai made the city feel like home for me. With all the warmth of Deepawali.