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Loan, Economic crisis, Financial crisis, #SriLanka

Covid has pushed Sri Lanka to the verge of bankruptcy in 2022: The what, why and how

Sri Lanka's economic crisis might soon turn into a financial and a humanitarian crisis if permanent essential steps are not taken.


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Economic crisis, India today magazine, Coronavirus in india, Covid-19

How to Prevent a Breakdown: What India must do

India Today Editor-in-Chief talks about the need to avert the very real danger of a complete nationwide breakdown with the lockdown in place, in the April 13, 2020 edition of the India Today Magazine.


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P Chidambaram, Raghuram Rajan, Economic crisis, NPAs

Decoding Rajan’s letter on NPA: How bank balance sheets remained clean all these years

Revival of economic growth is crucial. The last thing Modi would want is to hand over the stewardship of the boat to those who nearly sank it in the first place.


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Non-performing assets, Economic crisis, Rajasthan ordinance, Corruption

BJP is its own worst enemy, it's doing a terrific job in damaging its reputation

The party's actual work on improving the economy, fighting corruption, supporting free speech and secularism contradicts its public claims.