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Economic impact of coronavirus, Unemployment, Coronavirus in maharashtra, Migrantlabourers

Migrant workers fear starvation. Not coronavirus

Around 10 lakh migrant labourers left for their parent states in April and May. Since the Unlock 1.0 began on June 1, nearly three lakh have returned to work.


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Migrant labourers, Covid-19, Economic impact of coronavirus, Unlock2

What businesses and corporate houses can do to kickstart the economy

The Covid war is far from over. India has done well in managing the pandemic so far. But the gains achieved can be easily undone by a few follies.


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Migrants labourers, Policy formulation, Economic impact of coronavirus, Covid19

Why India needs a major policy overhaul for the post-Covid period

The need of the hour is rethinking policies and planning for the post-Covid days. The process must start right now.


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Demand-supply gap, Economic impact of coronavirus, Covid-19, Msme

How Covid-19 is hurting MSME bottomlines

The pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has hurt micro, small and medium enterprises across sectors, leaving them vulnerable.


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Economic impact of coronavirus, Covid-19, Deglobalisation, Globalisedworld

Are we heading towards deglobalisation post Covid-19?

Globalisation increases not only an economic phenomenon, but it also has other aspects such as technological, cultural and ecological. Deglobalisation will shrink these circles of global cooperation.


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Coronavirus pandemic, Covid-19, Economic impact of coronavirus, Unlockdown1

What steps need to be taken for Unlockdown 1.0

Unlockdown 1.0 must bring about many adjustments and the Central and state governments will be faced with new challenges in maximising opportunities for livelihood while minimising the loss of lives.


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Mental Health, Economic impact of coronavirus, Lockdown in india, Covid19

When lockdowns become counter-productive

India’s challenge as the fourth lockdown winds down on May 31 will be to pursue a revival of economic activity without setting off infection spikes in red zones.


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Narendra Modi, Nirmala Sitharaman, Economic impact of coronavirus, Economicstimulus

How growth and equity get a boost in Finance Minister's economic stimulus package

FM Nirmala Sitharaman’s first tranche of announcements of the fiscal stimulus for economic recovery closely follows PM Modi's vision of making the economy self-reliant.


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Economic impact of coronavirus, Coronavirus pandemic, Covid-19, Hospitalityindustry

How hospitality has changed in the new-normal era

Masked servers, ‘contactless’ delivery and DIY kits are ways in which hotels are engaging with their customers even as they remain locked.


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Coronavirus in india, Economic impact of coronavirus, Lockdown 3.0, Covid19

How can India end the lockdown?

The lockdown has been a long haul and the end may not be in sight yet. But, the future does not look as bleak.