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New Education Policy, Education in india, Teacher training, Teaching

How teacher training needs to evolve in the 21st century

A teacher in the 21st century has to inspire the learner to think in a way that benefits humanity. It is not about teaching to pass exams but teaching kids to become better humans.


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Privatisation, Colleges, Universities, Education in india

Why there is need for policy attention on disparities in education sector

Evolution of higher education has had a long and chequered history, through which the modern system has evolved.


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Nep 2020, Education in india, Medicaleducation

NEP 2020: Why there is need for change in medical education

With the proliferation of medical specialities, the degrees of MBBS is outdated.


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Education in india, GDP, National education policy, Nep2020

Why NEP may not be easy to implement

The 6% GDP annual expenditure on (higher) education sounds more 'ambitious'.


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Education in india, Distance learning, Onlineclasses

Why NEP's emphasis on distance and technology-based learning is necessary

If India truly wishes to bring about good and effective education to empower the masses, then it has to offer technology-based learning platforms.


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Sanskrit literature, Mother tongue, Education in india, Nep2020

Why the New Education Policy 2020 is full of loopholes

The NEP 2020 does not address the issues of multi-linguism, eliminates testing the knowledge of students and seeks the impractical promotion of home languages.


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Education in india, School complex, Kasturirangan committee, Education

How India needs to transform schools to meet the challenge of quality education

The pandemic has given educationists and policy experts a reason to step back and re-evaluate the status of education in India.


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Internet connectivity in india, India today magazine, Education in india, Right to Education

How the Covid-19 online revolution can help India shore up its creaky education infrastructure

India Today Editor-in-Chief talks about how the Covid-19 pandemic has fast-tracked digital learning and the challenges ahead, in the June 1, 2020 edition of the India Today Magazine.


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Studentprotests, Nalanda University, Education in india, Educationreforms

How India can become global knowledge hub again

In the past, our country has been a knowledge giver to the world for millennia, a beacon of light and hope.