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Erdogan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jamal khashoggi

The mysterious ‘killing’ of top Saudi journalist and what it means for the Middle-East

Jamal Khashoggi, who was last seen entering the Consulate on Tuesday, is believed to have been murdered by Saudi agents.


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India, Erdogan, Turkey, Democracy

Why liberal democracy loves its strongmen

From Turkey to Russia to the Philippines, democratic structures world over are crumbling.


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Turkey elections, Erdogan, Narendra Modi, Nationalism

What PM Modi can learn from Turkish President Erdogan

If we fault Modi of strongarm politics, just google the state of affairs in the most powerful nations of America, Russia, China or Turkey.


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India-Turkey ties, Pakistan, Erdogan

Why Turkey’s president Erdogan is no friend of India

Pakistan has something to do with it.


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The netherlands, Erdogan, Turkey

By fighting Netherlands, a fanatic Erdogan has put Dutch Turks at grave peril

The president, perhaps, assumed he has nothing to lose if the Dutch society is Islamised.