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Fake news, Pulwama encounter, CRPF

Fake news amidst national tragedy: The CRPF's second massive security challenge after the Pulwama attack

By Rema Rajeshwari IPS and Dr Suneem Ahmad Khan


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Fake news, Social Media, Google, Twitter

Pulwama attack aftermath: Why it's a moment of reckoning for WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Google

Much has been theorised about how big tech and social media have disrupted societies across the world. The aftermath of Pulwama is this theory demonstrated in practice.


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Fake news, War mongering, Social media behaviour, Pulwama terror attack

When 'hate' trumps empathy for India in Pakistan

Pakistanis started by expressing sorrow over the lives lost at Pulwama. But very quickly, as social media was filled with anger and hate, the empathy receded and counter-accusations began.


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Mob violence, Lynchings, Social Media, Fake news

When a team of police officers fought a pitched battle against social media-fuelled violence and won

IPS officer Rema Rajeshwari writes of what she learnt about the deadly dangers of digital illiteracy, and what can be done to control it.


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BJP, Hate Speech, Fake news, Jack Dorsey

Twitter vs Modi Sarkaar: How Parliamentary panel is making the fight against fake news unwinnable

Parliamentary panel's stand-off with Twitter is looking like the govt is mainly concerned with protecting right-wing voices and accounts.


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Lok Sabha election 2019, Donald Trump, Mark Zuckerberg, Whistle-blowers

2018 showed us that democracy can be hacked using Facebook. This should make us worry about 2019

The problem is that our belief in the goodness of technology blindsided us to the devil inside us humans.


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Data Privacy, Ravi Shankar Prasad, Fake news, WhatsApp

Why government asking WhatsApp for a backdoor key to our chats is problematic

Spying on citizens in the name of curbing fake news is not the solution.


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Google, WhatsApp, Facebook, Fake news

Why Facebook, WhatsApp, Google have no choice but to purge fake news

Social media's battle against fake news and bigotry is bad news for politics.


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Freedom, Fake news, India at 71, Independence day 2018

A new Independence, and a new partition

On our 71st Independence Day, we face a new narrative of us versus them, which is only leading to echo chambers. We need to listen to each other much more, and push away only words of hate.


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Fake news, Journals, Science news, Knowledge

From news to science: Why rise of faking is real and perilous

It is time to revisit this system.