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Women's health, Family Planning, Covid-19, World Population Day

Raising awareness and prioritising family planning in the Covid era

The Government of Uttar Pradesh, through the National Health Mission, has adopted a three-pronged strategy to address population growth in the state on World Population Day.


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World vasectomy day, Birth control, Family Planning, Vasectomy

Why family planning cannot be only women's responsibility

World Vasectomy Day is observed every year on November 20 to raise awareness on the role of men in family planning and prevent unintended pregnancies.


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Maternal Health, Family Planning

Nothing must stop India from giving family planning the Budget it deserves

Deaths due to botched-up family planning operations reflect the lack of quality of women's healthcare.


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Relationships, Family Planning

Your parents are planning a baby, and it's not their own

The only thing I’d be happy about if I ever have a kid would be that I’m potent.


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Family Planning, Islam, Pakistan

Ban on condom ads or not, Pakistani agencies pulling nation back to dark ages

The PEMRA has been too keen to impose bans.


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Family Planning, Chhattisgarh Sterilisation Deaths, Sterilisation

Sterilisation: Does the government even care about women?

The government of India needs to set up a high-level body to review the entire family planning programme to make it more gender-sensitive.