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Air quality, Delhi pollution, Stubble burning, Firecracker ban

Don't make firecracker bans a 'Hindu-Muslim' event. These are vital for all

Crackers harm those who use them. And those who make them. It's time we heed the Supreme Court decision and stop burning ourselves up this way.


 |  4-minute read
Diwali, Smog, Firecracker ban, Supreme Court

Why Delhi's pollution problem is much more than a few hours of cracker bursting

The situation in which Delhi finds itself right now is due to a collective failure of a dozen things. Why blame just one.


 |  6-minute read
Firecracker ban, Delhi air pollution

Why it is illogical to celebrate Delhi smog as a victory over Diwali firecracker ban

When you choose a lethal grey cloud as an ally, your arguments are murky.


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Supreme Court, Firecracker ban, Pollution, Diwali

After cleaner Diwali in Delhi, should cracker ban be extended across India?

While most other sources of pollution are necessary for economically productive activities, bursting firecrackers for entertainment is a luxury.


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Firecracker ban, Smokeless Diwali, Air Pollution, Delhi

Was SC's ban on firecracker sale in Delhi-NCR successful?

Reports suggest 2017 was Delhi’s cleanest Diwali in three years, but air pollution is still there.


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Firecracker ban, Pollution, Delhi

Only in India: Suleiman and Anwar celebrate a noisy but legally noise-free Diwali

'We are like that only.'


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Pollution, Supreme Court, Diwali, Firecracker ban

Why India needs reform and not bans for a clean Diwali

Firecracker ban is actually a complex matter, with legal, scientific, social, religious, and political dimensions, all of which need to be examined.


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Sivakasi, Supreme Court, Diwali, Firecracker ban

Supreme Court's Diwali firecracker ban should be obeyed, but criticised as unreasonable

A lawyer’s private concern for his family masquerading as a public interest litigation should not hold us all to ransom on what we should do on Diwali.


 |  4-minute read
Religious bigotry, Delhi pollution, Firecracker ban, Masaba Gupta

Trolling Masaba Gupta over support for firecracker ban proves Twitter is more toxic than our air

Our hazy skies must compel us to think over what is choking us and our children.


 |  8-minute read
Fireworks, Firecracker ban, Diwali, Air Pollution

How to ruin Diwali for good Hindus

Growing up, one of the biggest joys of the occasion were the firecrackers.