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Us elections, Firecrackers ban, Joe Biden, Greta thunberg

DailyOh! Trump and Greta got no chill, but what Joe Biden and Ronald Reagan have in common

Greta Thunberg has given back to Donald Trump what she got from him about 11 months ago.


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Air Pollution, Diwali, Firecrackers ban, Firecrackers

Reduction in bursting of firecrackers is proof education can cure many ills

Many schools have, over the years, tried to persuade children to avoid crackers.


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Supreme Court, Pollution, Diwali, Firecrackers ban

Why does the Supreme Court wait until Diwali every year to pass orders on firecrackers

The new decision to allow only ‘green’ crackers does not take into account the losses traders would have to suffer. Or how these new fireworks would even realistically work.