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Sports documentary, Euro championship 2020, Football, How england won the 1966 world cup

Daily Recco, July 12: When England won the football finals

The Euro Championship 2020 might have ended on a rather bitter note for English football fans, but it was not always so. Watch the journey of How England Won the 1966 World Cup.


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Football, West Bengal, El pibe de oro, Diegomaradona

From Pampas to Bay of Bengal: How Maradona transcended oceans and continents

In his death, Maradona underlined the fact that he continued to remain an emotion in an Indian province, 16,500 km away from his birthplace and the city where he was laid to rest.


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Team napoli, Football, Hand of God, Diegomaradona

Maradona: Hand of God, Foot of GOAT

Diego Maradona, the prodigal Son of God, who was God for us mere mortals, ruled the world with his left leg. And probably got just one help from God, that goal against England where the referee erred.


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Documentary, Football, Diego Maradona, Dailyrecco

Daily Recco, November 26: From Diego to Maradona, a legend's journey

Asif Kapadia succeeds in painting a pretty well-rounded picture of Diego Maradona in the documentary, without falling prey to the folly of looking at the man purely in terms of his career in football.


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Ranji Trophy, Jakarta asian games, Cricket, Football

Goodbye, Chuni Goswami: India’s greatest all-round sportsman

Chuni Goswami would come home as a footballer, have dinner and get up the next morning as a cricketer. It came naturally to him.


 |  5-minute read
AFSPA, Football, Militancy, Kashmir

How night football is helping fight the fear of darkness in Kashmir

A school’s ground lit up with floodlights is rekindling the Valley's love for football.


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CPM, Lok sabha speaker, Football, Somnath chatterjee

There's a reason why Somnath Chatterjee's body was draped in Mohun Bagan flag

He even watched the FIFA world cup in 2007, hosted by Germany as part of a parliamentary delegation, discussing football with Maradona.


 |  7-minute read
Football, Multiculturalism, Germany, World cup 2018

Mesut Ozil quitting German national team shows racism is alive and kicking in football

The sportsman brought to light the double standards when it comes to discrimination.


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World Cup, Mbappe, Zidane, Football

Sports knows no caste...but its talent needs enabling, not walls of privilege

Hina Das, the daughter of a humble rice farmer, could be an Olympic champion of the future offers some hope for Indian sports.


 |  4-minute read
FIFA, FiFA World Cup, Football, Thailand cave rescue

What divers of the Thai rescue operation can teach politicians across the world

As great teams tumbled out of the football World Cup, humanity won in a cave in Thailand.