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Paris climate agreement, Emmanuel Macron, France, Yellow vest protests

Yellow Vest protests: Why President Macron is to blame for the anger spilling out on France’s streets

When Macron became president, he gave hope to people. The deception is in proportion to the promises made. But the protesters are not taking this lying down.


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Croatia, France, Football worldcup, Fifa world cup 2018

2018 FIFA World Cup Final: A game beyond comprehension, a final for the ages

What a befitting end to a quite bewildering month!


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Croatia, France, Football worldcup, World cup 2018

Is the World Cup going to France?

The growing credence of football pundits in a win for Didier Deschamps’ team in the 2018 World Cup final doesn’t seem to be otiose.


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Mbappe, Football, France, Multiculturalism

Multiculturalism scores: Why inclusion is the biggest winner at the FIFA World Cup

Even when nationalities, colour and religion divides, Football finds a way to bring people together.


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England, France, Croatia, World cup 2018

Many a slip between World Cup and lip: Why Croatia won its game

Fearless Croatia defeated jittery England, but football was the ultimate winner.


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Immigrants, Multiculturalism, France, Fifa world cup 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018: Why France is rooting for its multiracial football team, but 'hates' diversity off the field

Many across the world feel the same about migrants, notwithstanding their achievements.


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Rafale, Germany, France, European Union

EU's defence partnership has lessons for India

New Delhi must find strategic partners to prepare for tomorrow.


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Indian Navy, France, Admiral Sunil Lanba

Why Admiral Sunil Lanba’s visit to a French nuclear shipyard is significant

India has closely followed the development of France’s new attack submarine for over a decade owing to its potential to transform the navy’s submarine arm.


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France, Sexism, Emmanuel Macron, Donald Trump

Sexist Trump won't give up: Wonders how France's First Lady is 'in such good physical shape'

The world knows it can do without the US President's greatness.


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Anurag Kashyap, France, Films, Cannes 2017

Emmanuel Grimaud explains why Indian cinema is valuable to the world

The French anthropologist is an admirer of movies and feels they need the right exposure.