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G20 summit osaka, Donald trump narendra modi, Narendra modi g20 summit, G20 summit

Decoding Modi’s strategy at the G20 Summit: India takes a strong stand on fugitive economic offenders and terror financing

Not only did India not join the ‘Osaka Track’ on free data flow, we even boldly stood up against terror financing and economic offenders who are living in a safe haven.


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G20 summit, Xi jinping donald trump, Narendra modi g20 summit, Us iran tensions

Xi Jinping and Trump are having a bad year. Modi isn’t and he should capitalize on it during the G20 Summit

With heightened tensions between US and Iran, and India slapping tariffs on US exports, Modi will have to adopt a clear-eyed strategy at the summit.


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Russia, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, G20 summit

G20: When Trump met Putin

Despite their alleged mutual association and barrage of allegations, the leaders of USA and Russia hadn’t met before Hamburg.


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Putin, Xi Jinping, Donald Trump, Narendra Modi

G20 summit: Tense times with Modi, Xi, Trump, Putin on edge

The Group of 20 meet is already rocked by violent protests and scarred by deep global uncertainties.