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Radio, October 2, Gandhi Jayanti, Mahatma Gandhi

Why Gandhi's relevance cannot be debated

Radio offered nothing beyond music and advertising, while TV debates were all about a screaming match on the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.


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Khadi, Gandhi Jayanti, Godse, Gandhi

Gandhi might be the ‘Father of the Nation’ but people are apathetic to him

You can say anything about him and no one will file a case against you claiming ‘sentiments were hurt.’


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Hind swaraj, Gandhi Jayanti, Ruskin Bond, Mahatma Gandhi

How Mahatma Gandhi can still show the way

Once Gandhi is read as a scientist who used his body as an eternal test tube, the idea of satyagraha acquires a different kind of vitality.


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Gandhi Jayanti, Nazi Germany, Adolf hitler, Mahatma Gandhi

How Gandhi’s satyagraha would have fared in Hitler's Nazi Germany

In the Nazi regime, even a scintilla of resistance meant painful death.


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Gandhi Jayanti, October 2, Father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi

150 years on, why Mahatma Gandhi still matters

India Today Group Editor-in-Chief talks about Gandhi’s complex legacy, in the October 7 edition of India Today magazine.


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Hindutva, Gandhi Jayanti, October 2, Mahatma Gandhi

What Hinduism meant to Gandhi

The Mahatma would have been sharply critical of what is represented by Hindu nationalism.


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Prohibition, Gandhi Jayanti, World no alcohol day, Dry day

Why India is so high on dry days

Dry days are the middle path traversing between a drinking drought and a drinking deluge.


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Gandhi Jayanti, Bapu, Mahatma gandhi assassination, Mahatma Gandhi

How Mahatma Gandhi made salt the sweetest thing for Indians

The 61-year-old towering leader had become a laughingstock in the media when he announced the launch of the Salt Satyagraha.


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Rituals, 150th anniversary, Gandhi Jayanti, Mahatma Gandhi

The danger of anniversary: Why I hope the 150th anniversary of Mahatma won't be marred by insane ritual

We owe to his memory not rote repetition but inventiveness because Gandhi was one of the great inventors of the century.


 |  10-minute read
Congress, BJP, Gandhi Jayanti, Farmer protest

Why Indian farmers still contemplate either the rope or a bottle of pesticide to escape their hell

Their anguish will slowly find its way to our plates too.