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Israel-Palestine conflict, Palestine, Gaza

Profound tragedy of being Palestine

No one would have denied the same sacrosanct right to life and survival to the prisoners at Auschwitz or Dachau.


 |  8-minute read
Gaza, Kashmir, Police Firing, Tuticorin

Why the image of man in a yellow shirt with a sniper shooting at Tuticorin protesters will haunt us

As in Gaza, or in Kashmir, police firing seems to be almost always done to shoot and kill.


 |  7-minute read
Gaza, West bank, Israel, Nakba

More than 50 Palestinians killed by Israeli snipers – there's no end to suffering

Orthopaedics are saying that Palestine will now witness 'a new generation of cripples'.


 |  3-minute read
Book Extract, Gaza, Israel-Palestine conflict

The shadows of Kashmir loom in the Holy Land of Jews

A book extract from 'Israel as a Gift of the Arabs: Letters from Tel Aviv'.


 |  8-minute read

Government must explain its stance on Gaza, says Manish Tewari

First and foremost, it needs to be clearly understood that Hamas is undoubtedly a destabilizing force in that region whose linkages with other analogous organisations that believe in violence, as a means towards an end is too well documented to require an