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GDP growth, GDP, Indian Economy, 2020

Future visions: 2020

India Today Group Editor-in-Chief talks about what experts think of the country's prospects in the decade ahead, in the January 13 edition of the India Today Magazine.


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GDP, Economic slowdown, Indian Economy, Nationalinfrastructurepipeline

Can National Infrastructure Pipeline revive the economy?

This announcement comes at a time when the government's fiscal position remains clogged.


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Inflation, GDP, Onion prices, Pricerise

Should the Modi government be blamed for rising onion prices?

Over the last quarter, onion prices soured from around Rs 25-30 per kg to around Rs 120 per kg across major cities and semi-urban parts.


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GDP, Women workforce, Free bus ride, AAP

Why free rides for women in Delhi buses are not about garnering votes

Critics miss the point that increased participation of women in the workforce is critical to India's GDP growth.


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GDP, Diwali, Indian Economy, Economic downturn

Why this is a not so Happy Diwali

India Today Group Editor-in-Chief talks about why the economic gloom refuses to go away this festive season, in the October 28 edition of India Today magazine.


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Coal India, Economic slowdown, GDP, Coal blocks

How Indian courts could be holding back the economy

The burden of economically irresponsible judicial decision-making could be exponential as was the case with the famous coal block allocation case.


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India's household savings rate, India's economic growth, Modinomics, Unemployment in India

How is today's economic slowdown different from the past?

Unlike past downturns, driven by global upheavals, bad weather, inflation, currency volatility and high oil prices, India is now in the middle of a stubborn structural slowdown.


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GDP, Economic slowdown, Nirmala Sitharaman, Economic Growth

Dire Straits: The Indian economy is in a major slowdown. Can Nirmala Sitharaman fix it?

With economic growth at its lowest and unemployment at its highest in several quarters, alongside a likely delayed monsoon, the FM's task is only uphill.


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Upa government, GDP, Multidimensional poverty index, Poverty in india

NYAY is a well-meaning scheme but also a hasty move. Here's why

India's poverty data is mind-boggling and its challenges are massive. These need a comprehensive, data-backed govt responses. There are valuable suggestions from experts. The netas must listen.


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GDP, India, World happiness index, Pakistan

UN survey says Pakistanis are apparently happier than Indians. We know why!

The eye of the storm remains the calmest.