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Child marriages, Girl Child, Covid-19 pandemic, Educationforgirls

How Covid is taking a toll on education of the girl child

As the economy worsens before it becomes better, young women would be asked to take on household chores or become earning members of the family, and education will take a back seat.


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Girl Child, Love Jihad, Women Empowerment

How India shows women her place

A person who does not get to choose her/his sexual mate is a slave.


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Marital Rape, POCSO, Girl Child, Section 375

Supreme Court criminalising 'sex with minor wife' places the girl child's rights above all

The apex court’s judgment puts in place a uniform system to deal with cases of child sexual abuse.


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India, Eve Teasing, Molestation, School education

Why Modi government needs to bring schools closer to India's daughters

Long travel distances is one of the main reasons behind high dropouts among girls.


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Sexism, Dear Daddy, Girl Child, Misogyny

#DearDaddy: What this unborn girl child tells her father will melt your heart

Viral short film by Norwegian organisation Care sends out a powerful message on everyday misogyny.