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Godhra, Death penalty, Gulbarg Society massacre

Gulbarg society verdict exposes selective use of death penalty

It is high time that India, which prides itself as the largest democracy in the world, abolishes capital punishment altogether.


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Narendra Modi, Ehsan Jafri, Gulbarg Society massacre

Demonisation of Ehsan Jafri is now complete

That Jafri was the real villain was a theory floated by then chief minister Narendra Modi.


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Gulbarg Society massacre, Modi government, Ahmedabad, Gujarat riots 2002

I survived Gujarat 2002 riots: This is what our life looks like today

It is here, in tiny, airless ghettos that people like me find solace.


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2002 Gujarat riots, Modi, Gulbarg Society massacre

Justice denied in Gulbarg society massacre: Will Modi ever face tough questions?

How can it be that right under the watch of such a competent CM, lawlessness reigns supreme?


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Narendra Modi, 2002 Gujarat riots, Gulbarg Society massacre

Gulbarg massacre case: Judicial system hollow, will hurt Modi's image internationally

It will turn the spotlight on Gujarat riots and remind people of the politically troublesome charges against PM.


 |  3-minute read
2002 Gujarat riots, Ahmedabad, Ehsan Jafri, Gulbarg Society massacre

[Explained] 2002 Gulbarg Society massacre: 24 convicted, 36 let off

A special court ruled that the massacre 'was not a pre-planned conspiracy'.


 |  4-minute read
Gulbarg Society massacre, Ehsan Jafri, Narendra Modi, 2002 Gujarat riots

2002 Gujarat riots: What media didn't report

According to a new book, there were glaring cases of Hindus living in Muslim areas suffering terribly, which were purposely overlooked by the human rights activists.