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Indian Air Force, Hindustan aeronautics limited, Hal, Lightcombathelicopter

Why India's Light Combat Helicopter could be a game changer

It will complement the US-made Apache helicopter gunships and give India’s integrated theatre command a large fleet of attack helicopters.


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Dassault, Hal, Nirmala Sitharaman, Rafale Deal

Exclusive: Book Excerpt from P. Chidambaram's 'Undaunted: Saving The Idea of India' (Rupa Publications)

As accusations on Rafale fly fast, we present an exclusive excerpt from senior Congressman P. Chidambaram's new book 'Undaunted' (Rupa), where the leader raises tough questions for the government on the controversial Indo-French deal.


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Hal, Hindustan aeronautics limited, Dassault aviation, Rafale Deal

Why HAL wasn't given the offset contract in the Rafale deal

Here's what supporters of the move have had to say.


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BJP, Congress, Dassault, Tejas

Rafale Controversy: Opposition allegations of a scam are built on quicksand

The controversy has now turned into a theatre of the absurd. It's utterly vacuous and unwarranted.