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Covid-19 pandemic, Public health system, Healthcare, Budget2021

How Budget 2021 offers a booster shot to health sector in a pandemic year

The Finance Minister has been commended by experts, business houses and the media for presenting a growth-stimulating budget which has a large scope for expansion of public health capabilities.


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India today magazine, Healthcare, Economy, Covid19

How Covid-19, 2020’s Newsmaker, reshaped our lives

India Today Editor-in-Chief Aroon Purie talks about how Covid-19 reshaped our economy, healthcare facilities and changed the way we work, consume entertainment, in the January 11, 2021 edition of the India Today Magazine.


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Rural healthcare, Right to health, Finance commission, Healthcare

Why HLG recommendation on health sector to 15th Finance Commission needs rethinking

India’s health systems need a rejig with community health physicians and public health champions leading the space.


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Healthcare, BJP, Pmjay, Ayushman bharat

How Ayushman Bharat has the potential of transforming healthcare in India

The scheme will help the poorest 40% — for whom health is often the biggest concern and the biggest expense.


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Welfare schemes, Government apathy, Doctors apathy, Infant deaths

The state is failing its people when it comes to welfare. Who answers?

In Kashmir, doctors turned away a pregnant woman who then delivered a dead baby. India claims to be a global leader in healthcare. Then why is it failing its own people so brutally?


 |  6-minute read
Religious bigotry, Anti-muslim, Islamophobia, Healthcare

I'm a doctor. And I'm worried other doctors' dislike for Muslims may even overrule the Hippocratic Oath

In India, where the majority of the populace is Hindu, there is an urgent need for non-Muslim doctors to face their privileges, unlearn their biases and provide more inclusive health care.


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Medical, Healthcare, Nipah, Zika

Zika outbreak after Nipah: Why our healthcare system wakes up at the eleventh hour

The government should expand the laboratory network with adequate biosafety for rapid diagnosis.


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Healthcare, Physics, Biology, Dark matter

Why India needs to shun religion for science and progress

The truth only lies in science. If we have to progress, we must let go of all superstitious and religious beliefs.


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India, Immunisation programme, Vaccine research, Healthcare

Why science must drive India's health policies

We have every reason to celebrate India's achievements in vaccine research, development and manufacturing.


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Ayushman bharat scheme, AIIMS, Digital India, Healthcare

MBBS student prescribes how Digital India can help revolutionise our health care system

Why can't poor patients from villages make appointments at specialised hospitals like AIIMS though post offices or banks?