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 |  6-minute read
Economy, Mughals, Akbar, History

Emperors of Extraction: The Mughals did not make India rich. Claims of their welfarism only buttress a political agenda

A riposte to Rana Safvi's argument on how the Mughals apparently strengthened India, while, in fact, Europe grew by paces just then and India's poverty shocked visitors.


 |  9-minute read
Mughal Empire, History, Chhatrapati shivaji, Maratha rajputs

Who are 96 Kuli Maratha Kshatriyas, also called Maratha Rajputs by some?

An insight into the genealogy of the Maratha Kshatriyas and warriors of Chattrapati Shivaji, whose bravery changed Indian history by ending Mughal dominance, and keeping the British at bay for many years.


 |  4-minute read
Culture, Us troops, Afghanistan, History

Afghanistan has many superwomen. No, their dreams are not borrowed from the US or Taliban

Afghan women are not scared. They are deeply concerned about negotiations with the Taliban. They fear this could lead to a loss of their liberty, without them even being consulted in any process.


 |  5-minute read
Caste based reservation, History, Gurjar-pratiharas, Gujjar Agitation

Gujjar quota stir: Today’s protesters are descendants of the Gurjar-Pratiharas, once among India's grandest empires

They once held sway over great expanses and wielded huge power. But the British classifying the Gurjars as “Criminal Tribes” because of their participation in the Revolt of 1857 deterred their progress.


 |  7-minute read
History, Padmaavat, Bollywood, Manikarnika

Mughal-e-Azam to Manikarnika: How Bollywood is forever in love with history, kings and queens

With a 'historical', you get magnificent characters, spectacular war scenes, superb sets and unforgettable songs. But the sword has an edge: the risk of inaccuracies, and protests!


 |  7-minute read
History, Navratri, Goddess Durga, Durga Puja

The evolution of Goddess Durga and Durga Puja

Here's why the same Durga Puja is celebrated differently in different parts of the country.


 |  11-minute read
History, India, Mahatma Gandhi, Emperor akbar

Emperor Akbar, not Mahatma Gandhi, is the father of our nation

It is high time that Indians realised the truth and know who is the real father of India.


 |  4-minute read
The cinema travellers, History, Bollywood, Searching for saraswati

Why Searching for Saraswati matters

The film manages to make the viewers question the wisdom of those elected to power and the worrying, rising trend of distorting history.


 |  5-minute read
Delhi, Public Spaces, Tughlaq sultanate, History

Of sarais and Sultanates: What the remains of two centuries-old inns in Delhi tell us

Spaces of public use have changed a lot since the medieval times, but some things remain the same.


 |  10-minute read
History, Delhi

Why Delhi has 14 cities and a cursed Sultan

Its every stone is crying out to be loved.