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Hiv-aids, Leprosy, Stigma, Covid-19

Covid-19 will find a cure. Stigma will not

From leprosy, yellow fever, HIV-AIDS to Covid-19, diseases have always brought out the worst in mankind: the stigmatising.


 |  3-minute read
AIDS patient, Hiv-aids, Hiv-aids cure

Hope for millions as the scientists discover potential cure for HIV-AIDS

Two of three cases have responded positively to the treatment for HIV. Would this be the next breakthrough in medical science research?


 |  3-minute read
Aids, Hiv-aids, HIV, World AIDS Day

Why I think we we can’t underestimate the HIV/AIDS virus

The deadly virus can raise its head again and catch us unaware.


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Hiv-aids, Red, Apple Inc, IPhone

It finally looks like an apple. Reactions to Red iPhone on Twitter are epic

Apple's partnership with RED involves AIDS fundraising campaign.


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Sanskari james bond, Hiv-aids, Charlie sheen

If Charlie Sheen were Indian...

If he had a grandmother like mine, he wouldn't have even needed regression therapy.