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House of cards, Game of Thrones, Narcos, Amazon Prime Video

When entertainment becomes stress: Peer pressure is now forcing even what we watch

Our engagement with movies and TV is a personal choice. But social trends have turned our consumption of net series from joyous bingeing to stressful 'purge-watching'


 |  4-minute read
Child sexual abuse, Netflix, Kevin Spacey, House of cards

Is Kevin Spacey-starrer House of Cards getting nixed over molestation charges a good thing?

Several viewers have expressed their desire to see the show being carried on, sans Frank Underwood of course.


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USA, Hollywood, House of cards, Donald Trump

Donald Trump? Frank Underwood made him do it

This is what makes America great. Anyone can become anything


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Internet, Breaking Bad, Agents of shield, House of cards

No easy streaming for Netflix in India, without offline mode

The country is a tricky market with its peculiarities that demand specific solutions.