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Imran khan wedding at house, Imran khan rents his house, Imran khan pakistan, Imran Khan

Imran Khan's Shaadi Business: Pakistan's desperate times truly need desperate measures!

Imran Khan had promised to turn Pakistan's PM House into a university. It's now a wedding venue. What explains this?


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Yousaf raza gillani Pakistan, Asif ali zardari arrested, Pakistan nawaz sharif, Asif ali zardari

Giraftaar! Why do so many Pakistani leaders end up in jail?

With Asif Ali Zardari being arrested for his alleged involvement in a corruption case, we take a look at all the Pakistani PMs and Presidents who were locked up and how!


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Pakistan elections, Imran khan pakistan, Pakistan voters demands, What do the pakistani voters want

In Pakistan, the voter living in dark houses and broken streets has the power to make or break the government

These are the voters whose opinion can be swayed by giving them regular electricity and well maintained streets. That’s all they ask for.


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Imran khan naya pakistan, Imran khan pakistan, Imran khan japan kamikaze, Imran khan saudi prince

Ooops, he did it again! How Pakistan's Imran Khan is a gift of embarrassments that just keeps giving!

He was being referred to as 'Pakistan's Pappu'. But with his latest Olympic-size gaffes, Imran Khan has left that tag far behind!