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Chabahar port, Donald Trump, India-Iran Business, Iran Nuclear Deal

How US pulling out of Iran nuclear deal will affect India

Among other things, oil prices will most definitely inflate.


 |  4-minute read
Nuclear deal, India-Iran Business, Donald Trump, Iran Nuclear Deal

Why death of Iran nuclear deal is a win-win for India

New Delhi’s refineries are uniquely suited to process Iranian crude and Tehran can no longer play the ‘oh but I have other suitors waiting’ game.


 |  5-minute read
Hassan Rouhani, Balochistan, India-Iran Business, Iran

Iran is not an easy partner for India but will pay mutually beneficial results

Rouhani’s election signifies that Iran intends to project a moderate image.


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Donald Trump, India-Iran Business

Why India must keep a hawk's eye on Donald Trump’s Iran policy

New Delhi's bilateral ties with the country are important in the economic and strategic context.


 |  Inside Track  |  6-minute read
India-Iran Business, Iran Sanctions, Iran

Why now is a good time for India to do business with Iran

Lifting of sanctions will throw open huge opportunities for investments.