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 |  Musings from afar  |  4-minute read
India-Russia relations, Vladimir Putin, Eastern economic forum, Modi in Russia

Why India and Russia need to push the refresh button on their ties

Global trends are evolving rapidly and major powers must redefine ties with each other to match contemporary requirements.


 |  8-minute read
Vladimir Putin, Narendra Modi, Bilateral Ties, India-Russia relations

19th Annual Bilateral Summit 2018: Where India-Russia relations stand today

The two nations have a rich history together. But new pressures from the USA, China and Pakistan may impact ties significantly. PM Modi and President Putin stand at a threshold today


 |  BREAKING NEWS INTO PIECES  |  4-minute read
India-Russia relations, Russia, BRICS summit Goa, Vladimir Putin

Welcome to Goa, Putin Sar

Let us continue our business. An old friend is worth two in the bush.


 |  5-minute read
Vladimir Putin, Narendra Modi, India-Russia relations

Modi in Moscow: 3 key issues PM would want Putin to warm up to

Make in India, Netaji files and ISIS would be top on PM's wishlist.


 |  5-minute read
India-Russia relations, Narendra Modi, Putin Visit

Why Putin is as important to Modi as Obama

India's relationship with Russia is vital for the balance of our foreign policy and for managing our wider strategic interests.