India vs Pakistan



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India vs Pakistan, Champions Trophy 2017, Virat Kohli, Anil Kumble

Has Virat Kohli become greater than Team India and cricket?

What's the use of a committee? Just ask Kohli and the team who they want as coach.


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Champions Trophy 2017, India vs Pakistan, Virat Kohli

It's sad Virat Kohli didn't get along with Anil Kumble

BCCI needs to rein in a captain that can't get along with the coach.


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Hockey World League, Indian Hockey, India vs Pakistan

Did India notice hockey win over Pakistan because Kohli's boys ‘let the nation down’?

Reactions from social media to India whipping Pakistan 7-1 in the Olympic hockey arena were a bit muted.


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Cricket, Champions Trophy 2017, India vs Pakistan

Why I should have broken my TV after India lost to Pakistan

Let us resolve not to let cricket be another sport.


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Champions Trophy 2017, Virat Kohli, India vs Pakistan

How the Indian cricket team left Pakistan naked and exposed

By the time Shikhar Dhawan was done, the men in blue were in cruise mode - and that allowed Rohit Sharma to chill some more.


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India-Pak, Cricket, India vs Pakistan

India winning against Pakistan is a slap in the face of those who boycotted the match

Not just trolls, even media groups blacked out the match to register their nationalist credentials.


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India vs Pakistan, Champions Trophy 2017

India-Pakistan Champions Trophy clash is not going to be what you think

New heroes and new zeroes are waiting to made on June 4 in Birmingham.


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Asia Cup, India vs Pakistan, Virat Kohli

Asia Cup: Kohli showed what it is to bat like a champion

Such maturity from the Young Turk was definitely a pleasure for the purists.


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Ind Vs Pak, Cricket, India vs Pakistan

Bal Thackeray's 1952 cartoon predicted the future of India-Pakistan cricket

Sporting ties soon became an extension of the political ties - where animosity and tension could play out in a non-violent setting.