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Mig, Indian mig pilot, Shah Rukh Khan, Rang De Basanti

From Shah Rukh Khan's 'Veer Zaara' to Rajesh Khanna's 'Aradhana', how Bollywood portrayed Indian Air Force pilots over the years

Inspiring, provocative, yet completely poised — the Indian Air Force is at the heart of many a Bollywood war drama!


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Female pilot, Surgical strike on pakistan, Indian air force surgical strike, Indian mig pilot

Balakot air strike: Were there female IAF pilots?

The news turned out to be false. There were no women pilots among the IAF squad sent to bomb Balakot. But why not?


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Imran Khan, Indian air force surgical strike, Pulwama terrorist attack, Surgical strike 2.0

After Balakot: How 'denial' is both shield and weapon for Pakistan

After being hit by IAF strikes on its terrorist facilities, Pakistan is left red-faced before its own people. It has no option but to tell further lies, spread fake news and hide its failures in bluster.


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Pakistan air force, Indian Air Force, Indian air force surgical strike

MIG 29 vs F 16, Mirage vs Chengdu, Sukhoi vs Thunder: Comparing India and Pakistan's deadliest aircraft

A round-up of the best aircraft that the Indian and Pakistani air forces possess.


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Indian air force surgical strike, Pulwama terrorist attack, Shah mahmood qureshi, Imran Khan

Side effects of Indian Air Force Surgical Strike 2: Pakistan's utter hallucination!

Even as Pakistan claims there was 'no surgical strike,' clearly there was a thud loud enough to have caused some serious damage to their brain cells!


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Narendra Modi, Indian air force surgical strike, Indian Air Force, Iaf air strike

Why Indian Air Force’s surgical strike on Pakistan shows Modi government’s courage and pragmatism

In the face of all the war-mongering, the Modi administration has refrained from war, but not decisive action. The move reassures millions of Indians who wanted a strong, decisive leadership.


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How's the josh, Jaish-e-mohammed, Pulwama terrorist attack, Indian air force surgical strike

Finally using 'How's the Jaish? Dead sir!' in the right context!

At the risk of sounding politically incorrect, doesn't it feel so right to see that ridiculous hashtag trending on Twitter again, but this time, for all the right reasons?


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Surgical strike 2.0, Surgical strike pakistan news, Surgical strike today news, Pulwama terrorist attack

Indian Air Force Surgical Strike: Twitter shows you how's the josh!

Twitterdom is exploding with applause and salutations! Here's how everyone, from Akshay Kumar to Sanjay Dutt are reacting to India striking back!


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Second surgical strike, India surgical strike on pakistan, Indian air force surgical strike, News on surgical strike

Indian Air Force attack on Pakistan: Video of surgical strike

There has been considerable anger in India against Pakistan since the Pulwama attack.