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Jagan mohan reddy, Balakot air strike, Indian armed forces, Social Media

How social media has become a weapon of the modern armed forces

Of late, it has increasingly become apparent that social media is more than a tool today. It has become a weapon in its own right.


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Surgical Stirke, Pakistan terrorism, Indian armed forces, Pulwama terrorist attack

Rushing into a hasty or poorly planned war will not fully avenge Pulwama, nor serve our long-term interests

India must be a rare nation where politicians and not the Service Chiefs get to decide about wars. It's vital now the decision is made with caution, and above public or media pressure to just rush in.


 |  7-minute read
Doklam, Surgical strikes, Kashmir, Indian armed forces

Responding to an intellectual’s opinion about the Indian Armed Forces

From wars with other nations to our internal conflicts, the military has done a stellar job.