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 |  4-minute read
Indian Judiciary, Indian Courts, Defamation

Defamation judgment shows India's courts put failed writers to shame

When the common man in a semi-literate country awaits justice, should lawmakers indulge in verbal diarrhoea?


 |  Court Marshal  |  4-minute read
Indian Courts, Law

Vexation litigation law is a necessary evil for India

It can be a threat but curbing it at the cost of the right of genuine litigants to move courts is unreasonable.


 |  The Inner Courtyard  |  4-minute read
Haryana, Labour problems, Indian Courts

No justice for his sister: Man loses his living, travelling from Gujarat to Haryana

Young Assamese labourer has been making a 1,000km journey back and forth as he awaits the verdict for his sister who was sold off as a child bride.