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Liberals, Muslim, Indian Express, Ramchandra Guha

Why are liberals mad at Ram Guha?

In his latest column, the acclaimed historian wrote, 'While a burka may not be a weapon in a symbolic sense it is akin to a trishul...'


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Narendra Modi, Ramnath Goenka Awards, Indian Express, Editor

Criticism from government is a badge of honour for journalists: Raj Kamal Jha

Speaking at the Ramnath Goenka awards, where PM Modi was the guest of honour, the Indian Express editor-in-chief succinctly demolished 'selfie' journalists.


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Award Wapasi, Indian Express, Ramnath Goenka Awards, Akshaya mukul

Why veteran journalist Akshaya Mukul refused Ramnath Goenka award from Modi

His book, for which he received the prize, delves into the rise of the militant Hindu Right.


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Indian Express, Reservation, Supreme Court

Did Express go overboard with SC verdict on quota story?

The newspaper cannot afford to shoot from the shoulders of the Supreme Court.


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Indira Gandhi, Indian Express, Emergency

Kuldip Nayar on why he thought Emergency could never happen

Even though there was censorship we stretched ourselves and became a sort of anti-establishment newspaper.