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Indian Navy, Book Extract, Book excerpt, Bangladesh War

DailyO's Good Books: 'Operation X: The Untold Story of India's Covert Naval War in East Pakistan 1971'

Presenting a riveting excerpt from Captain MNR Samant and Sandeep Unnithan's thrilling account of the war that made Bangladesh and India's secret naval service that swung the war.


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Plastic pollution, Cleaning drive, Backbay channel, Ins venduruthy base

Fighting Another War: How the Indian Navy turned eco-warriors and led by gritty example

A team of around 400 naval personnel cleaned and removed plastic waste accumulated over years in Kochi's Backbay channel.


 |  5-minute read
Rajiv Gandhi, Ins viraat, Indian Navy

A Viraat Row: No, Rajiv Gandhi didn't treat INS Viraat as his private taxi. And yes, we must bring the precious carrier back to life

Former Navy Chief Admiral L Ramdas writes down why it is necessary for the government to work on INS Viraat lying decomissioned in Mumbai and not play politics over it.


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Balakot air strike, Pulwama terror attack, India pakistan border, Indian Navy

Beyond Balakot: Why the sudden deployment of INS Vikramaditya off the Pakistan coast is significant

As Pakistan Day approaches, this could be a general security arrangement in our part of the seas. Or, it could be a deployment based on specific intel inputs, including possibly of 'samundari jihad'.


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Malabar exercise, America, Indian Navy, China

India-US-Japan: Malabar Exercise and a triangle of threat

China has always seen these exercises as attempts to confine it.


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BJP, Shipping minister, Indian Navy, Nitin Gadkari

'Go to Pakistan border, won't give an inch of land': Why Nitin Gadkari's outburst against Navy betrays ignorance

Governments may come or go, but the armed forces will always remain.


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Mazagon Dock Limited, Defence, Indian Navy, Narendra Modi

INS Kalvari commissioned into Navy: 5 major takeaways

This is the first of six indigenous Scorpene submarines which will join the fleet by 2020.


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Indian Navy, France, Admiral Sunil Lanba

Why Admiral Sunil Lanba’s visit to a French nuclear shipyard is significant

India has closely followed the development of France’s new attack submarine for over a decade owing to its potential to transform the navy’s submarine arm.


 |  Musings from afar  |  5-minute read
Indian Ocean, China, Australia, Indian Navy

Despite visa issue, India must keep up with Australia. Both are leading powers in Indian Ocean region

Both likeminded nations should keep in mind China’s assault on maritime security and freedom of navigation in the Indo-Pacific region.


 |  3-minute read
Submarines, Indian Navy

Indian Navy’s naked underbelly that no amount of nostalgia can cover up

While unmanned aerial vehicles can plug some of the gaps in the maritime patrol role, they can’t kill submarines.