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Pakistan, Afghanistan, Taliban, Indo-US Ties

How US foreign policy is confusing India

Trump identifies China as an adversary. But is he not facilitating China's expansion in the Af-Pak region at the cost of India's security?


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Indo-US Ties, Narendra Modi, Donald Trump, Republic day invitation

India Trumped? No: Think politics, not protocol

Donald Trump refusing Delhiā€™s January 26 invite is no rebuff, but brings India and USA to a realistic equal.


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Afghanistan, Jim Mattis, Indo-US Ties, Modi-Trump

Jim Mattis visit: Why India matters to US

The long-time friend of India is sending all the right signals about the priorities of the Trump administration.


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Terrorism, Pakistan, China, Indo-US Ties

Modi and Trump's chemistry has brought hope to India-US relationship

Thanks to some deft handling by both sides, PM Modi's US visit turned out to be a huge success.


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Indo-US Ties, Narendra Modi

Why Modi is still India's best chief sales officer

It is clear that the prime minister has many admirers in the US, and the expectations of delivery from him still remain very high.


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Indo-US Ties, Nuclear Suppliers Group, The New York Times, Racism

4 times NYT showed it has a major India problem

Not just opposing New Delhi's inclusion in NSG, the Times has a long history of bias against us.


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ISIS, Obama Visit, Barack Obama, Narendra Modi

By embracing the US, has Modi drawn India into the quicksand of geopolitical conflict?

The long-term answer is for Modi to make India militarily strong and keep all options open and realign its interests as we go along.


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Indo-US Ties, Foreign policy, Republic Day, Barack Obama

Modi needs to play his cards right with Obama

Both sides will want to show some concrete results, even if the symbolism of the R-Day honour accorded to Obama is politically powerful in itself.


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Indo-US Ties, Modi in America, Narendra Modi, Modi in US

It's business first with Uncle Sam

The hard work will begin when Modi arrives in Washington for his meetings with Obama and other key players in the US administration.


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Barack Obama, Indo-US Ties, Narendra Modi, State Dinner

Is it Modi or is it that Obamas just don't like to party?

It doesn't help that their first state dinner for Manmohan Singh was marred by gatecrashers.