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Covid-19, Coronavirus, GDP growth, Inflation

Post-coronavirus, how India can bounce back

Most estimates place India's GDP growth in 2020-21 at below 2 per cent. Even that will be hard to achieve unless there is a quick rebound in economic activities.


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Budget 2020, Indian Economy, Economic slowdown, Inflation

Why inflation is refusing to come down

Even if one were to assume vegetable prices would self-adjust, owing to 'seasonal' factors, one still needs to pay careful attention to other commodities like cereals and milk.


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Inflation, GDP, Onion prices, Pricerise

Should the Modi government be blamed for rising onion prices?

Over the last quarter, onion prices soured from around Rs 25-30 per kg to around Rs 120 per kg across major cities and semi-urban parts.


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Oil Price, Economy, Inflation, RBI

Why RBI increased repo rate

The central bank's move will help curb rising inflation.


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Fiscal deficit, Inflation, Fuel prices, Indian Economy

How an uncertain economy is driving India to a crisis

The high fuel cost is posing a threat to the poor and farmers in the country.


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Economy, Inflation, Arun Jaitley, Narendra Modi

Lok Sabha polls 2019: Why Modi sarkar should fear inflation

Inflation can pinch consumers badly, and that will be the last thing the government would want as it faces the electorate next year.


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Economy, Inflation, ODIs, T20

Is Indian cricket making a mistake by adding more new players every year?

T20Is especially grab the eyeballs because we have fielded a large battalion at the 'war front' than other formats.


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Inflation, Food, GST, Restaurants

Why it's back to GST battlefront for restaurants

Likely rate cut comes with serious handicap.


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Inflation, Yashwant Sinha, Economic Growth, GDP

I blame Modi government for making a mess of Indian economy

Misuse and misrepresentation of economic data is not uncommon, but a difference of two percentage points in GDP data needs explanation.


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Monsoon, Inflation, Price Rise, Tomato

Why have tomatoes suddenly become so expensive?

Tomato prices have gone as high as Rs 120 per kg.