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Donald Trump, India, Iran Nuclear Deal, Iran-us tussle

US vs Iran: As US flights start to avoid Iran, is the airspace mayhem just the beginning?

Where does India feature in this tension, which can soon snowball into a huge crisis?


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Iran Nuclear Deal, Kim Jong-un, North Korea, Donald Trump

How Kim Jong Un may ultimately 'trump' Donald

The US president and the North Korean ruler have kept the world on the edge with their unpredictability and volatility.


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India-iran relations, Donald Trump, Masoud rezvanian rahagh, Hassan Rouhani

What India stands to lose in US pulling out Iran nuclear deal

The situation in West Asia is so fragile that one wrong decision by Iran or any of the US allies in the region can lead to a full-scale war.


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India-us relations, India-iran relations, Donald Trump, West Asia

Why end of Iran nuclear deal will hit Indian interests hard in West Asia

Should New Delhi waver or dither, Tehran would hand over the strategic Chabahar Port to China and Pakistan.


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Paris climate accord, Nuclear deal, India-iran relations, Chabahar port

Why end of Iran nuclear deal puts India in a spot of bother

New Delhi will try its best to maintain its current ties with Tehran without offending the US.


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Chabahar port, Donald Trump, India-Iran Business, Iran Nuclear Deal

How US pulling out of Iran nuclear deal will affect India

Among other things, oil prices will most definitely inflate.


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Nuclear deal, India-Iran Business, Donald Trump, Iran Nuclear Deal

Why death of Iran nuclear deal is a win-win for India

New Delhi’s refineries are uniquely suited to process Iranian crude and Tehran can no longer play the ‘oh but I have other suitors waiting’ game.


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Europe, Donald Trump, US withdrawal, Iran Nuclear Deal

US withdraws from Iran N-deal: Why Trump is trying to provoke Tehran into regime change

The international agreement that prevented Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons is now just a piece of paper.


 |  4-minute read
Iran Nuclear Deal, Iran, Narendra Modi

Historic pact signed with Iran. Now comes the real work

India's participation in the development of Chabahar port will enable it to altogether bypass Pakistan.


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Iran Nuclear Deal, USA

How US has scored big with Iran nuclear deal

The diplomatic success of the Americans is all the more striking because they have treated the West Asian country shabbily in many ways.