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 |  4-minute read
Miswak, Prophet Mohammad, Islam, Ramzan

Cleanliness and godliness: Why Muslims use miswak during Ramzan

Cleanliness is half the faith. But the reason why Muslims use this 'blessed twig' goes beyond physical cleanliness.


 |  5-minute read
Islam, Namaz in mosque, Ismail faruqui case, Ayodhya verdict

Do Muslims need mosques to offer namaz: How the VHP, and a BJP chief minister, helped shape this debate

The Quran does not instruct Muslims to offer namaz only inside a mosque space.


 |  Tarar Square  |  8-minute read
Islam, Pakistan, Imran Khan, Bushra wattoo khan

If Bushra Khan chooses to wear a full veil, what's your problem?

What Pakistan PM's wife chooses to wear is not affecting anyone else. Why is it then a topic of malicious discussions?


 |  5-minute read
Islam, Hindu terror, Priyanka Chopra, Quantico

With its 'Hindu terrorist', will Quantico end with a whimper, not a bang?

The Priyanka Chopra-starrer will end on a bizarre note. But why are people getting so enraged over a television show anyway?


 |  6-minute read
Politics, Congress, BJP, Islam

When the iftar was just another political party

The 'political iftar' dinner was sheer tokenism, often seen as minority 'appeasement'. Its demise is fortunate – it lets ordinary Indians reclaim the iftar, rediscover true secularism.


 |  Beijing Diary  |  3-minute read
Pakistan, Uighurs, Xinjiang, Islam

How China is waging war against Muslims

Beijing has launched an all-out assault on what it calls separatism.


 |  4-minute read
Islam, Hurriyat, Army, Ceasefire

Rejection of ceasefire offer in Kashmir shows the Hurriyat’s anti-Islamic face

This article was co-authored by Colonel Vivek Chadha (retd) and Dr Adil Rasheed, research fellows at Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses.


 |  9-minute read
Islam, Manto, Minorities, Quran

No, hypocrisy is not a Muslim problem

To say Muslims are responsible for their backwardness is the worst form of victim blaming.


 |  2-minute read
History, Hinduism, Islam, Mughals

Truth about whether Hindus were forced to convert to Islam during Mughal rule

[Book extract] Political relations should be examined in terms of the politics of the time.


 |  8-minute read
Religion, Islam, Manto, Gustakh Manto

Aaj ka muslaman hypocrisy ki ek aala misaal hai: Muslims must stop being hypocrites

Matters concerning education and employment find no place in the community’s scheme of things.