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Lg polymers, Jagan mohan reddy, Vizag gas leak, Styrenegasleak

Why Jagan is pushing for tighter ecology by-laws in Andhra Pradesh

The state is concerned that the existing laws are oriented towards the issuance of clearance and no-objection certificates than ensuring strict compliance with the norms and environmental audit.


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Lg polymers, Gas leak, Jagan mohan reddy, Styrenegasleak

Why Jagan moved quickly to grant Rs 1 crore to Vizag gas leak victims

The government is likely to make LG Polymers pay a significant portion of the relief handed over to the victims.


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Jagan mohan reddy, Himanta Biswa Sarma, Congress in crisis, Scindia joins bjp

How will Congress survive the contagion spreading in its ranks

Fortunes of leaders like Jagan Mohan Reddy and Himanta Biswa Sarma have soared after leaving the Congress. Will Jyotiraditya also strike gold?


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Jagan mohan reddy, Balakot air strike, Indian armed forces, Social Media

How social media has become a weapon of the modern armed forces

Of late, it has increasingly become apparent that social media is more than a tool today. It has become a weapon in its own right.


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World Bank, Jagan mohan reddy, Chandrababu Naidu, Amaravati

Why Chandrababu Naidu, not Jagan Mohan Reddy, should be blamed for World Bank 'dropping' $300 million loan for Amaravati

Does the truncated and cash-strapped state of Andhra Pradesh need the world's best capital city or just a functional capital to begin with?


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Priyanka gandhi vadra, Ysrcp, Jagan mohan reddy, Congress

The next step for Rahul Gandhi 2.0

After a humiliating defeat, Rahul is in a quandary. Should he defy his family, courtiers and stick to his decision? Or should he take the easy way out, set in motion a half-hearted effort to find a replacement


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Dmk-congress, DMK, UDF, BJP

India Today-Axis My India exit poll: It's Disadvantage Modi in South India

According to India Today-Axis My India exit poll, the numbers for BJP are looking south in the southern part of the country.


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English education, 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Andhra Pradesh, Jagan mohan reddy

English Medium in Andhra: How Jagan Mohan Reddy’s promise can catapult him to the CM’s chair

The elite have long denied rural children the right to quality education, which will make them eligible for jobs not just in India but world over. Jagan Reddy could now change that, and ignite new dreams.