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Jair bolsonaro, Anosmia, Covid-19, Coronavirustest

DailyOh! How to test yourself for Covid-19 at home, to why Brazilian President can’t stop being a Covidiot

Can you smell it?


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India brazil ties, Donald Trump, Latin America, Jair bolsonaro

How India is looking to revive ties with Brazil

Bolsonaro’s visit marks both a re-affirmation and a consolidation of India-Brazil ties after the high point reached in the relationship under President Lula and the slowdown in momentum under his successor Dilma Roussef.


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Donald Trump, Right wing populism, Jair bolsonaro, Brazil elections

Brazil's own Donald Trump? This Brazil election, right-wing populism seems set for a win

After the US and much of Europe, a party marked by xenophobia, authoritarianism and misogyny threatens Latin America’s most prized democracy.