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Muslim united front, Article 370, People's alliance, Jammuandkashmir

From MUF to People’s Alliance, what are Centre's new challenges in Kashmir?

After the formation of the Muslim United Front (MUF) in 1987 to take on the NC-Congress alliance, leaders with divergent political views have come together as People's Alliance to resolve the Kashmir issue.


 |  7-minute read
Article 370, Article 35a removed, Jammuandkashmir

Jammu and Kashmir: A year without Article 370

A year down the line, Kashmir without Article 370 looks peaceful. All the prophecies of a doomsday scenario haven’t come true.


 |  5-minute read
Indiancoastguard, Navymarinecommandos, Article370repealed, Amitshah

Jammu and Kashmir’s veneer of ‘normalcy’

No one in the government is convinced that the majority of the people in J&K have reconciled to the constitutional changes in the erstwhile state.