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 |  10-minute read
Janata Party, Atal Bihar Vajpayee, Socialist leader, George Fernandes

Why despite several controversial moves, George Fernandes continues to inspire us

He was prepared to put his life at stake for the cause of liberty and democracy.


 |  5-minute read
Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Narendra Modi, Janata Party, George Fernandes

George Fernandes: The tragedy of a towering hero

The Janata Party leader was the right man caught in the wrong company.


 |  6-minute read
Caste Politics, Ram Manohar Lohia, Janata Party, Congress

5 reasons behind fall of socialists in India

Once, they had a strong base among the middle class, working class and thinking class. What they couldn’t generate was leadership to keep this support intact.


 |  4-minute read
Janata Party, Congress, RSS, Delhi

Politicians, don't mess with Delhi's name

The journey from “Made in India” to “Make in India” is of regression that can only end up digging whatever has been built in the futile search of Ayodhya and Hastinapur.