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Jnu violence, JNU protest, Chhapaak, Deepikapadukone

Why Deepika Padukone's JNU visit could have cost Chhapaak at the box office

A reputation for fairness and reliability can come crashing down if one is not judicious in the causes one takes up.


 |  3-minute read
Jnu violence, JNU, Chhapaak, Deepikapadukone

Chhapaak was the perfect Right Wing wet dream. Then Deepika went to JNU

Padukone committed the cardinal sin of stepping into an 'anti-national' university.


 |  4-minute read
Toilets, Jnu violence, JNU protest, Tajhotels

Why the right to pee is a human right - and yet it is not

As seen in a recent case on Twitter, lack of an 'appropriate' place to pee can lead people to lose track of reason.