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 |  Hello, Health  |  5-minute read
World health organization, Weight gain, Processed foods, Junk food

Stop eating processed foods to lose weight

Increase in weight is directly proportional to your intake of processed foods. Here are three important reasons for cutting off processed foods from our diet.


 |  Hello, Health  |  4-minute read
Bottled drinks, Canned food, Namkeen, Festive season

Why we need to be careful about the amount of salt we consume during winters

As the festive season is round the corner coupled with munching-friendly weather, watch out for that sodium which could leave you with a high blood pressure


 |  Fortune Cookie  |  3-minute read
Lifestyle diseases, Junk food, FSSAI, Food

How India is planning to fight lifestyle diseases

The FSSAI is flagging off its nationwide 'Eat Right' initiative on July 10 to promote healthy living.


 |  Quantum Leap  |  2-minute read
Maggi, FSSAI, Junk food, Apps

Junk food makers are afraid of an app that'll make you want to junk them

FoodSwitch will put the manufacturers in check who do not share full information about ingredients and add misleading claims.


 |  1-minute read
USA, Junk food, KFC

Rats! Man orders KFC. What he got will make you lose your appetite

Devorise Dixon, 25, claims he spotted the breaded rodent in his meal after visiting a California branch of the popular fast food chain.


 |  Metrosocial  |  2-minute read
Junk food, Food and Drug Administration, MSG, Maggi ban

Recalling Maggi: Memories of a twisted snack

Bongs will rue undoing of Maggi-baji, singles will settle for not-so-fondly shitty.