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Pon radhakrishnan, Karti Chidambaram, Kanimozhi, Bjp in tamil nadu

Lok Sabha 2019: BJP and its Dravidian dilemma

The upcoming Lok Sabha elections are going to be no cakewalk for the saffron party in Tamil Nadu — a state that wears anti-Modi sentiments on its sleeve. Here's a look at where the BJP, and its challengers, stand.


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Tamil Nadu, DMK, Kanimozhi, Alagiri

Karunanidhi's death will officially witness a son-rise in DMK – MK Stalin

Thalapathy will now have to take over charge full-time without having the comfort of his father's counsel to fall back on.


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CBI, UPA, Kanimozhi, A raja

2G verdict: Why the CBI owes an explanation to the nation

Our criminal justice system is in dire need of serious reforms.


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A raja, Kanimozhi, DMK, Manmohan Singh

2G scam verdict: Why history is looking better for Manmohan Singh already

The Special CBI court’s scathing dismissal of the CBI chargesheet is a vindication for the much-vilified ‘passive morality’ of the former prime minister.


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Gujarat Polls, UPA, Kanimozhi, A raja

How 2G scam verdict will impact 2019 general elections

The rumblings of the judgment will be heard not only in the upcoming assembly elections but also in the 2019 general elections.


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Congress, Kanimozhi, A raja, 2G Scam

2G 'scam' verdict: What the acquittal of A Raja, Kanimozhi by special CBI court means for us

Was the Rs 1.7 lakh crore loss during spectrum allocations wrong?