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Kumaraswamy loses, Yedyurappa, Trust vote, Karnataka mlas resign

Karnataka cursed by short-lived coalitions

The state’s brush with coalition politics started in 1983 but going by the current state of affairs, political alliances continue to have a poor track record in Karnataka.


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Kumaraswamy loses, Karnataka mlas resign, Karnataka bjp vs congress-jds, Karnataka crisis

Get a grip, Congress! The party blames BJP for all its woes. But has it ever looked at these weaknesses within?

The INC-JD(S) alliance was doomed from the start. Similarly, the demographics and the language of the Congress showed it was totally out of touch. Why blame the BJP?


 |  14-minute read
Karnataka bjp vs congress-jds, Karnataka mlas, Karnataka mlas resign, Karnataka crisis

The ‘nataka’ of numbers in Karnataka: With Kumaraswamy's back against the wall, the fight is not easy for the BJP too

Will Kumaraswamy still be in his CM residence on Friday? Or will the tide turn? Here’s what the numbers say.