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Labour party, Unemployment in India, May day, Labour day

May Day: On a day to honour labour and work, with few jobs at hand, does India's youth even know what to observe?

In 1923, when Labour Day was first observed in India, it was to demand the right of dignity to labourers. The narrative has shifted today to first demand the right to employment.


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European Union, Labour party, Jeremy corbyn

Corbyn as Labour Party leader is huge victory for Britain

He intends to reverse all pro-corporate policies, including those that are pro-foreign capital.


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David Cameron, Labour party, Jeremy corbyn

Corbyn's election as Labour Party leader a tectonic shift in British politics

He is likely to oppose the UK extending airstrikes against ISIS, and is not keen on the country having nuclear weapons or being in NATO.


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Labour party, David Cameron, UK Elections

Sorry Zayn Malik, Ed Miliband is the king of Twitter

From selfies with ladies to having an image makeover as a brave and sexy superhero, the Labour leader has left no stones unturned to rise up the popularity charts.