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Dipak Mishra, LGBTQI, Homosexuality, Section 377

'I am not a criminal anymore' - What I saw while covering the historic #Section377Verdict at the Supreme Court

Reporters are generally expected to not take sides covering judgements. Today, however, was special.


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Homosexuality, LGBTQI, Gay rights, Section 377

Fight against Section 377 is about dignity, reducing it to ‘gay sex’ is unfortunate

More than anything else, this is a struggle against discrimination, exclusion, and 'otherisation'.


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Supreme Court, LGBTQI, Transgender Bill 2016, Section 377

Supreme Court must strike down Section 377 to cure India of homophobia

Apex court not only needs to undo the grave error of Koushal versus Naz judgment of 2013, but also bring the country out of a majoritarian pit.