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Donald Trump, Liberalism, Democracy, United States

What Indians can learn from the death of liberalism in US

From 40,000 Americans marching against white supremacists to influential CEOs quitting the President's council, there is much to be understood.


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Dissent, RSS, Narendra Modi, Gauri Lankesh

Liberals should stop complaining about dissent being stifled under Modi's India

There is more vigorous editorial dissent, more public debate, and more online vitriol against Hindutva today than there ever was under Congress.


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Hindutva, Yogi Adityanath, Liberalism

Why Modi fans and trolls should give Left liberals a chance

Liberalism has given us this modern world which gives primacy to the individual over his community, caste or gender.


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Meme, Liberalism, US Elections 2016, Internet

'This is the future the liberals want' is the meme we need

Now, there's a war cry against the edgelords who try to decide for others why being progressive and liberal is toxic.


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Liberalism, Women's March, Donald Trump

Liberals protesting against Donald Trump are being most illiberal

'Protest his presidency for the next four years by all means. But do it with civility.'


 |   Long-form
Liberalism, Right, Left, Marxism

How India needs to rescue its liberals from the Left

We need to break away from a didactic ideology, which resists change and brooks no dissent.


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Feminism, Sexism, Gender Inequality, Liberalism

Five questions for cocktail circuit liberals

Tuck in your prejudices, libs. You are not the centre of the universe.