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LoC, Counter terrorism, Ceasefire Violation, Anti personnel landmines

A chronicle of life and limb on LoC

The study by army doctors has minutely studied the pattern of limb injuries sustained by its men over the last six years.


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LoC, Pakistan Army, Indian Army, 20 years kargil

Kargil: How the best tribute to our Indian heroes came from an awestruck Pakistani

July 26 marks 20 years of the Kargil war which went on for 85 days and saw 537 Indian soldiers die. But only after they repulsed every Pakistani intruder, yard by yard, relentlessly.


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Indian Army, LoC, Kargil Vijay Diwas, Kargil war

The Kargil Conflict of 1999: How Pakistan gave shape to its biggest military blunder

The Indian army needs to be forever vigilant against any Pakistani misadventure.


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Terrorism, Militancy, LoC, Jammu and Kashmir

Why militants using sniper weapons in the Valley is a major challenge to the security forces

A lot of recalibration would be needed by the forces to tackle this new challenge in front of them.


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DGMO, LoC, Ceasefire Violation, Pakistan

Why India-Pakistan DGMOs holding talks about LoC ceasefire violations is more political than you think

The telephonic conversation took place following a request by the Pakistani side.


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Indian Army, Machhil sector, Infiltration, LoC

What I came to know about life of Indian soldiers along the LoC

The past one year has been particularly difficult at the de facto boundary between India and Pakistan.


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Pathankot, Uri, Kashmir, Terrorsim

Surgical strike proved India's dominance over Pakistan, but attacks won't stop

The Line of Control is and will always remain active, irrespective of agreements and local-level talks.